September 3, 2022

I will be giving this year's Langan Memorial Lecture! I will be posting the event poster (and contact information for the organizers) when they are available. I hope to see you there!


Title:                   Dawn in the West: How the Thought of Indigenous People Ushered in Modernity

Date:                    Wednesday, October 29, 2022

Reception Time:  5:30 pm

Lecture Time:       6:30 pm followed by Q & A

Location:              Charbonnel Lounge - University of Toronto campus, 81 St. Mary Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1J4

poster of emma anderson
Langan Memorial Lecture Poster - Download

Listen to the lecture



August 13, 2022

  • Pope Francis' recently concluded six-day visit to Canada (July 24-29, 2022) was a momentous and thought-provoking occasion. Plese see the "Media" tab ("Papal Visits" subtab) to get my take on this historic visit.


July 20, 2022