Current Advisees

 Student Thesis Title Degree Role Completed
Michael Aiello Imagining the End of the World: The Eschatological Language of The King James Bible and its Influences Ph.D. Supervisor In Progress

Sharon Angnakak Uqattiartuq: Inuit and Qallunaat interpretations of religion and law in early 20th century Canada Ph.D. Supervisor In Progress

Idoia Arana-Beobide The question of Basque Indigeneity Ph.D. Supervisor In Progress

Tatiana Frederickson Ethnography of Naming as a Religious Identity in Inuvialuit and Gwich’in Cultures M.A. Supervisor In Progress

Emily Hanlon Companions on the Way: Sufism in 21st Century Oakland Ph.D. Co-Supervisor with Prof. Meena Sharify-Funk of  Wilfred Laurier University In Progress

Veronica Harvey A Saint Manquée: The Gregorian Reforms, Anglo-Norman Hagiography, and the Legend of Lady Godiva M.A. Supervisor In Progress

Colin Law Spirit of an American Cult: American Civil Religion and the Stories and Imagery Used to Shape American Identity Ph.D. Supervisor In Progress

Heather Penner Learning from Leprosy: Modern Stigmatizing of Diseases Compared to more Positive Attitudes towards Leprosy in Early Christianity in the Eastern Roman Empire and Medieval Europe Ph.D. Supervisor In Progress

Alumni Advisees - PhD

 Student Thesis Title Degree Role Completed
Cynthia D. Stirbys Potentializing Wellness through the Stories of Female Survivors and Descendants of Indian Residential School Survivors: A Grounded Theory Study Ph.D. Supervisor 2016

Spencer Bullivant Believing to Belong: Negotiation and Experience of American Identity at a Non-Religious Summer Camp Ph.D. Supervisor 2015

Stephanie Tara Schwartz Double-Diaspora in the Literature and Film of Arab Jews Ph.D. Co-Supervisor 2012

Alumni Advisees - MA

 Student Thesis Title Degree Role Completed
Avian Tang Sainte-Anne, New France, and Pilgrimage: Locating the Colonial Foundation and Entrenchment of Quebec’s Religio-Cultural Identity in Sacred Person and Pilgrimage M.A. Supervisor 2015

Darcy Sawilla Religious Devotions in the Southern Low Countries as an Opposition to Catharism (1150-1300) M.A. Supervisor 2014

Colette St-Onge Symbols of Authenticity: Challenging the Static Imposition of Minority Identities through the Case Study of Inuit Art M.A. Supervisor 2011

Taralynn Parr Forgive Me Ana, for I have Sinned: Pro-Ana as Contemporary Asceticism M.A. Supervisor 2010