Étudiants actuels

 Étudiant Titre de thèse Grade Rôle Complété
Ayesha Akbari Interplay between Christianity and Colonial Influence M.A. Supervisor In Progress
Lucia Eyzaguirre Indigenous Cosmologies in Today's World M.A. Directrice En cours
Michael Aiello Imagining the End of the World: The Eschatological Language of The King James Bible and its Influences Ph.D. Directrice En cours
Sharon Angnakak Uqattiartuq: Inuit and Qallunaat interpretations of religion and law in early 20th century Canada Ph.D. Directrice En cours
Idoia Arana-Beobide The question of Basque Indigeneity Ph.D. Directrice En cours
Tatiana Frederickson Ethnography of Naming as a Religious Identity in Inuvialuit and Gwich’in Cultures M.A. Directrice En cours
Emily Hanlon Companions on the Way: Sufism in 21st Century Oakland Ph.D. Co-directrice avec Prof. Meena Sharify-Funk de Wilfred Laurier University En cours

Étudiants diplômés- Ph. D.

 Étudiant Titre de thèse Grade Rôle Complété
Heather Penner Stopping Stigma: Behavioral Conditioning Changes Attitudes toward Disease, Disability, Stigma, Disgust, and Fear Employing Leprosy and HIV/AIDS as Case Studies Ph.D. Directrice 2023
Colin Law Spirit of an American Cult: American Civil Religion and the Stories and Imagery Used to Shape American Identity Ph.D. Directrice 2023
Cynthia D. Stirbys Potentializing Wellness through the Stories of Female Survivors and Descendants of Indian Residential School Survivors: A Grounded Theory Study Ph.D. Directrice 2016
Spencer Bullivant Believing to Belong: Negotiation and Experience of American Identity at a Non-Religious Summer Camp Ph.D. Directrice 2015
Stephanie Tara Schwartz Double-Diaspora in the Literature and Film of Arab Jews Ph.D. Co-Directrice 2012

Étudiants diplômés- MA

Étudiant Titre de thèse Grade Rôle Complété
Veronica Harvey A Saint Manquée: The Gregorian Reforms, Anglo-Norman Hagiography, and the Legend of Lady Godiva M.A. Directrice 2023
Avian Tang Sainte-Anne, New France, and Pilgrimage: Locating the Colonial Foundation and Entrenchment of Quebec’s Religio-Cultural Identity in Sacred Person and Pilgrimage M.A. Directrice 2015
Darcy Sawilla Religious Devotions in the Southern Low Countries as an Opposition to Catharism (1150-1300) M.A. Directrice 2014
Colette St-Onge Symbols of Authenticity: Challenging the Static Imposition of Minority Identities through the Case Study of Inuit Art M.A. Directrice 2011
Taralynn Parr Forgive Me Ana, for I have Sinned: Pro-Ana as Contemporary Asceticism M.A. Directrice 2010